Pregnancy App Article: "Your baby in week 27"

Week 27
Your baby in week 27
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At week 27 your baby is 36.5cm from the top of her head to her toes - about the length of a packet of spaghetti.

She’s getting chubbier now but her body is still only around five per cent fat so she’ll spend most of the next few weeks laying down fat and chunking up.

The heart, lungs and liver are maturing by the day, ready for the point when your baby has to go it alone. And her long bones are starting to make red blood cells - all crucial stuff. She’s developing proper swallowing reflexes about now, too - gulping when fluid gets to the back of her throat, rather than the random swallowing she’s been up to thus far.

And the hair on her scalp is getting thicker and longer. We're not talking a glossy mane, á la shampoo adverts, but it's exciting nonetheless.
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Aren't we in a growth spurt now? I woke up hungry at 3am and again at 6.30am - so the baby's definitely requiring more nourishment at the mo!
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