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Week 26
How are you feeling this week?
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Mumsnetters on how they felt at 26 weeks...
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I'm addicted to junk food! Chocolate, cakes, crisps, milkshakes, buns, biscuits etc etc - I cant get enough of 'em, but the thought of letting something as healthy as a tin of mackerel pass my lips makes me feel quite ill.
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Nobody can tell I'm pregnant - I just look the same as I always did, it's very disappointing. Everybody keeps saying 'just wait, it'll happen,' but they've been saying that to me since I was 15 weeks. I know he's in there because I feel him moving but it's starting to get me down when people keep looking at me like they can't decide whether I'm pregnant or just fat! I had my appointment last week and the midwife said I'm measuring fine but I'd love to have a bump, look radiant and beautiful but I'm beginning to wonder if it's going to happen at all!
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I'm 26 weeks with twins. Current symptoms are a LOT of breathlessness, heartburn, tiring very easily, hip pain and upper back pain. I can't eat a lot as there's no space so I eat little and often but try not to eat too late.
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On the plus side - my hair doesn't get greasy any more! I can go four or five days without washing it and it's so healthy. My nails are getting really long and strong which I've never had before and my skin has been really clear and normal as opposed to dry.
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