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Week 26
Planning ahead (or not)
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Unplanned home births 
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SURPRISE! Some people get a home birth who weren’t planning one at all. If the thought of a surprisingly quick labour on your dining room floor fills you with fear, read these happy-ending surprise home birth stories to make yourself feel better:
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I had an accidental home birth with my fourth baby. I laboured very quickly and by the time I realised that I wasn't having Braxton Hicks (which I'd had, strongly, for weeks) I was in the second stage of labour.
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The hospital sent me home despite my saying: 'What if I can't get back here in time?'. They replied airily: 'Oh, just call an ambulance.' The ambulance was busy so my husband was on the end of the phone to them fully expecting he'd have to catch the baby. Finally paramedics appeared. My abiding memory is of labouring on hands and knees on the living room floor and seeing these two pairs of big boots come into the room and looking up and being chuffed to bits to find that both paramedics were young women. They asked me if I wanted to try to get into the ambulance and make a run for it, I said yes (God knows why!), climbed into the ambulance and out popped my son.
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The whole thing was observed by roofers sitting on scaffolding mending next door's roof. The next day I was doing the school run and one of the roofers turns out to be the dad of someone in my daughter's class, he's describing the scene to the other mums - 'Er, that was me!' I say, pointing to the baby in my sling. Definitely my favourite birth - I count myself lucky the way it turned out.
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I was born in similar circumstances. My parents lived in Nottingham but dad was working in Birmingham, Mum was at home with my sister who was four years old. Mobiles didn't exist. She went into labour at 8am, shortly after he left for work. Her first labour was very quick, less than three hours. Midwife arrived and asked my sister to go and pick flowers from the garden for the new baby. Lovely!
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Good advice is: make sure paramedics can get into the house whilst keeping any older children safe. Make sure the baby won't get cold. Leave the cord alone. Keep a charged-up phone on you at all times. And if you keep sitting on the loo because you need a poo - it's probably the baby so get off the loo!
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