Pregnancy App Article: "Your body in week 26"

Week 26
Your body in week 26
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If you’re suffering from pregnancy forgetfulness and feeling as though everything just takes that bit longer to reach your brain, you’re not wrong. Even your blood takes longer to get up to your head now so you may feel dizzy, particularly when standing up from a lying down position. 

Take particular care when getting out of a bath as getting hot, combined with standing up suddenly, can often make you feel very woozy. No one wants a nice relaxing soak to end with a paramedic winching you naked from the tub, making jokes about Greenpeace rescues.

Other than the risk of falling, there’s no danger to your baby from you being dizzy. However, try to avoid lying flat on your back for too long, as it make the uterus press on the large veins in your body. Lying on one side is a better option and if you’re just putting your feet up in the daytime, get up and move around from time to time.
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I remember waiting until the room was clear and anxiously asking my NCT teacher if I was likely to faint while giving birth. She looked at me as if I was mad.
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