Pregnancy App Article: "Your baby in week 26"

Week 26
Your baby in week 26
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Week 26, and you’re nearing the end of your second trimester. Your baby this week is 760g and 35.6cm long - about the size and weight of a boned gammon joint. His heart rate has slowed from 180 to around 140-150 beats a minute by this stage - much slower but still a lot quicker than your own heartbeat.

His hands have a full set of fingernails already and they can actually get quite long over the next few weeks, so try not to stare if he’s born looking like a tiny Nosferatu.

His recognition of noises outside the womb continues to grow and you may notice that when he hears your voice he moves around more.Unfortunately, this natural instinct will be lost by the time he is two years old and you’ll find he is deaf to your every word. Unless the words are ‘Would you like these chocolate buttons?’ This state of affairs continues to about the age of 25 so enjoy this brief period of time when your child listens agog to your every word.
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I've loved feeling baby move more regularly and displaying recognition of mine and daddy's voice.
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