Pregnancy App Article: "Your body in week 25"

Week 25
Your body in week 25
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Owowowowowow! Waking suddenly in the night with the distinct feeling that somebody is stabbing you in the calf with a fruit knife? You may never have had a cramp like this before, but when you're pregnant you can suddenly feel as though your lower leg has been clamped in a vice.

Some say reaching for milk (calcium) or a banana (potassium) can help, but it isn't clear if a shortage of these minerals is to blame.

When cramp strikes, stretch the muscle by firmly bending up your ankle (flexing it) and try standing on a cold hard floor - tiles are ideal. Yep, there’s nothing like a cramp and its cures to ensure a really restful night’s sleep.

If you continue to get cramps a lot, see your doctor.
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For leg cramps try stretches and full-fat tonic water (sadly no gin).
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