Pregnancy App Article: "Your baby in week 25"

Week 25
Your baby in week 25
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You’re at week 25 and lots of exciting events in your baby's development are underway. She is getting more and more capable and can do ever-more-useful things, such as opening and closing her eyes, and making white blood cells to fight infections. You’re a fair way off her making you a cuppa yet, though.

This week, the baby is 34.6cm and about 660g - just a little heavier than two packets of Hobnobs (before you demolished them).

Her spine - which has a stonking 150 joints by now, and is incredibly supple for a column of bones - is getting stronger, as the bits that protect the spinal column and the nerves inside develop more fully.

She will be looking more like a baby and less like a - well, a prune - as she continues to build up fat under her skin. Now, around four per cent of her body weight will be made up of fat and her head will, more or less, be in proportion to her body.

You'll feel your baby's movements more strongly now - a well-aimed unexpected kick can give you quite a start!
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The 'baby' is still a bit of an abstract concept to me, even though it's kicking the hell out of my bladder quite a lot of the time.
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