Pregnancy App Article: "Your baby in week 24"

Week 24
Your baby in week 24
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Your foetus is officially ‘a baby’ this week. Well done him! It’s unlikely you’ve been referring to him as ‘the foetus’ up to this point (or you’d have had some funny looks in Mothercare) but this is the week the medical professionals recognise them as actual babies.

He’s as long as a standard ruler this week - 30cm on the nose (well, on the crown to rump).

Baby’s lungs are quite well developed now, with lots of air sacs. He even has the muscles needed to cry and laugh - and boy, will he ever be using some of those in the outside world.

Most of the action this week is centred around the brain with brain cells multiplying at a pace. Billions of them will appear over the next fortnight, ready to control everything from breathing to movement to emotions. While you’ve been reading this, your baby’s brain has created around 250,000 more neurons. Clever wee lad.

If you could see your baby now, however, you might be less impressed. His skin would be pretty saggy and you’d be able to see his organs underneath his skin. That’s because skin grows faster than fat, but he’ll be laying down lots of fat over the next few weeks and looking more baby-like and less, well… saggy.
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I'm 24 weeks and movements are still erratic. Some days I'll feel her loads, other days not so much, or the movements will feel much less strong. It is such a worry, but as everyone says, it's still early to have regular movements and there is still lots of space for them to hide! 
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