Pregnancy App Article: "What to expect: Stretching ribs"

Week 23
How pregnancy affects your ribcage
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Fun fact: Did you know your rib cage expands by around 5cm during pregnancy?
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I have had sore ribs since very early on, and a few weeks ago it started getting really bad. It makes sleeping hard - I think the baby kicking doesn't help matters, but am just putting it down to softening ligaments etc.
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Sitting in an office chair or dining chair sucks and lying on your side means ribs feel like they're caving in on each other - which leaves the option of sleeping on your back, which isn't great either when you're pregnant. It sucks!
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It's definitely better when you keep the ribs moving. I must keep hauling my fat pregnant bum to various classes!
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I had immediate relief from the rib pain after my last birth. It's a toss up whether I was more excited about that or having a nice squishy newborn!
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