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Week 23
Your body in week 23
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Painful enough when you’re not up the duff, UTIs can be particularly trying when you are juggling some of the other joyous side effects of pregnancy. Cystitis, the most common form, tends to creep in during pregnancy because pregnancy hormones cause the tubes from your kidneys to your bladder to relax, so your urine flow slows down, giving the bacteria longer to multiply.

Symptoms include a need to pee frequently, pain or a burning sensation when you go and cloudy or smelly urine that might contain blood. You need to visit a doctor to get it diagnosed and sorted out with an antibiotic approved for use during pregnancy. It might help to take a urine sample with you. Untreated, a bladder infection can lead to a kidney infection, which is more of a threat to mother and baby.

Some people swear by drinking cranberry juice or lemon barley water. Others prefer live yoghurt or onions, garlic and chives – all traditional remedies. If that doesn’t sound tempting, you could try other Mumsnetter-tested tips...
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Drink shed loads of water on a daily basis. Steer clear of tea, coffee, alcohol and fizzy drinks.
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Wear 100% cotton underwear and stay away from tight clothes. Even sleep without something on your bottom half.
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Don’t use bubble bath and soap, only warm water to wash your bits.
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Empty your bladder fully before and after getting jiggy.
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Sit in a warm bath, drink masses and pee in the water. I know it sounds gross but it really helps the pain.
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