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Week 23
Your baby in week 23
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Week 23 and your baby-in-waiting is really filling out: her cheeks are getting chubbier and her skin is slowly becoming less scarily see-through. She weighs in at 500g this week - the same as a small bag of sugar.

Her eyes may not yet be open but behind the eyelids they move quickly and she will blink if startled by a loud noise near your abdomen.

Your baby's immune system really gets going during this period as she starts making white blood cells, which will be used to attack bacteria and other infections.

By now she’ll already have the same sleep patterns as she will after she is born - so she will spend around six hours awake and 18 asleep - and will nod off in set 'sleeping' positions, just like you. Be aware that baby sleeping patterns are not set in stone so probably no point booking in next year’s online supermarket deliveries around her naps just yet.
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I notice loud sounds can wake my baby up suddenly - he started kicking one night when there was thunder, and other sudden noises seem to make him jump.
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