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Week 22
How are you feeling?
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Mumsnetters on how they felt at 11 weeks...
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You lose the ability to judge the size of gap you can pass through - this may seem obvious, but until you've hit your bump with the car door when shutting it, you don't really know.
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I have hit a brick wall. I suddenly feel enormous and unwieldy although no one has ‘helpfully’ pointed it out so far.
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Everyone kept saying to me that the second trimester was great. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to not be feeling sick - but otherwise am sleepy, grumpy and probably some of the other dwarves too!
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It's getting hard to keep up with my toddler, which has taken me by surprise as 17 more weeks of pregnancy loom ahead. She is at preschool three mornings a week and up to now I have been doing the endless house jobs in those sessions but today I just read a book and I still feel listless.
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