Pregnancy App Article: "Your pelvic floor"

Week 22
Pelvic floor exercises
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As you enter the second half of your pregnancy it’s time to up the pelvic floor exercises count.

To make it a habit, try to link them to something you do every day. Perhaps do your squeezes while watching a soap on TV, or on the bus to and from work? Unless you involuntarily do *that* face that we all know utterly gives you away while doing pelvic floors, in which case, they’re best left for the privacy of your own home. 

Don't overdo it and make sure you know how to relax the muscles as well as tighten them, as this can help during the second stage of labour where relaxing the muscles around your vagina may help you to avoid damaging your perineum.
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It's really no big deal - just do them while on Mumsnet or while you're sat in the car at traffic lights.
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Multitask - exercise while you Mumsnet
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