Pregnancy App Article: "Your baby in week 22"

Week 22
Your baby in week 22
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Welcome to a brand new week. By week 22 your baby is 27cm and weighs around 430g - the same as the contents of a large tin of pineapple chunks.

For the most part, he’s just growing steadily and putting on weight by this stage, but in terms of brain development and the little quirks that make us human, it is ALL going on now.

He can respond well to many external factors such as touch, light and sound. As well as jumping at loud noises, he will reach out towards bright light and, if you push lightly on your bump, you might start to get a little push back from a tiny foot. It’s a huge milestone - it means he’s realised he’s not alone in there and he can communicate with the world outside.

It’s thought that at this stage your baby may already know that parts of his body are connected and that tiny hand he is sucking is his own. When you think that he will be months in the world before he realises his own reflection in the mirror is him, that’s pretty impressive.

He’s also developed a proper sleep/wake cycle now and you’ll be aware of the times of day when he’s asleep (usually when you’re moving around, as the motion lulls him to sleep) and when he’s awake (usually when you’re lying down, desperately trying to get to sleep) - that’s right. This is the week that the Awkward Gene is thought to begin its work.
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The 20-week scan was the first time I realised that the feelings in my tummy were from the baby kicking me - because I got one and actually saw her do it on screen!
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