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Week 21
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Keeping cool
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Is it me or is it warm in here? 

Your body temperature is naturally higher during pregnancy due to hormones and an increase in metabolism, and if you’re pregnant during a hot spell it can get pretty uncomfortable. 

Here are a few ways to stay cool:
  • Wear loose, breathable clothing. If it’s very sunny, you’ll actually be cooler with loose sleeves and long trousers than vests and shorts as you’ll be protected from the sun.
  • Keep well hydrated with plenty of water.
  • Don’t eat too much salt as it increases fluid retention and will make you puffy.
  • Assuming you can’t just disappear to a shady swimming pool on warm days, run your wrists under the cold tap and invest in a handheld fan to help cool yourself down.
  • Stick your feet in a bucket of tepid water in the evenings or take yourself off to a nice, dark, air-conditioned cinema for a few hours.
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Spray your sheets with water and put them in the freezer. Lovely.
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Try putting an ice pack in the crook between your chin and neck, just under your ear. It's where the blood is closest to the surface of your skin and should cool you quicker.
Quote 2 - Author
Quote 3
I spent any time I had at home wafting around in this huge nightgown that was more like a circus tent. It was great as it created its own breeze.
Quote 3 - Author
Quote 4
If you have to go out anywhere, take a packet of wet wipes with you and keep wiping your face and back of your neck.
Quote 4 - Author
Quote 5
I have been told to drink warm or hot drinks so that the internal body temperature rises to the outside temperature, making you feel less hot. It works. Apparently this is what North African people do. I guess they know what they are talking about.
Quote 5 - Author
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