Pregnancy App Article: "The big reveal"

Week 20
The big reveal
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Can’t decide whether or not to ask what your baby’s sex is at the 20-week scan? Here are some Mumsnetters’ thoughts on whether a surprise is more fun or if knowledge is power:
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I find it makes them seem very 'real'. It's lovely to be able to say 'he' or 'she' for the second half of pregnancy. Easier for names too!
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The first time I found out because I wanted to buy all the 'right' things...which looking back was ridiculous. I went on a mad spree, buying mountains of pink things for my daughter. Second time around we had to find out because I needed to know if I could use the ocean of pink crap again or not - and what do you know? We’re having a boy this time!
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I got a lot of huffiness about finding out: 'There are few enough surprises in life!' was bellowed at me on several occasions. Frankly, when you're giving birth you're shitting it that something is going to go wrong or that the baby might not be OK - I liked having one less 'surprise' on the day!
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I wish I hadn't found out in hindsight. It just led to preconceived ideas and anxieties about what my child would be like - he was totally different to what I expected.
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We didn't find out with either of ours. I wanted my husband to be the first to know (as I got to experience everything else first in pregnancy - the positive test, the first kicks etc), it felt like something special for him.
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