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Week 20
Your bump
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Bet when you were eight weeks you couldn’t wait for people to look admiringly at your bump and tell you how blooming you looked. Bet you’ve had quite enough of it by the middle of your second trimester.
Bump size varies enormously, so at around the middle of your pregnancy you might still have only the merest hint of a protrusion or you could be like a galleon in full sail. Neither is better, or has much indication on the size of your baby or anything else.

Brace yourself for the brainless ‘sure it’s only one in there?!’ comments if you’re on the blooming side and practise your best withering smile. Here’s how Mumsnetters have successfully silenced the bump commentators...
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I’m pregnant - what’s your excuse?
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I let people touch my bump for a few seconds and then sarcastically ask whether they are expecting a genie to pop out and grant them their three wishes.
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Well I'm expecting a baby not a goldfish.
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The fifth time someone said 'You're not very big are you? Is the baby ok?' I said: 'Is your brain not very big, or is your mouth just too large?' It had the desired effect. I was very hormonal and the politeness reflex had gone AWOL.
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Yes, I am quite sure there is only one in there. Now piss off!
Quote 5 - Author
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