Pregnancy App Article: "Your body in week 20"

Week 20
Your body in week 20
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Towards the end of your second trimester, you might find your belly button pops out - an intriguing feeling you won’t be familiar with. It’s caused by the uterus pushing the abdomen forward, which in turn makes an ‘outie’ out of even the most reclusive of ‘innies’, and giving your bump the appearance of a Belgian bun. 

Within a few weeks of giving birth, your navel should return to its pre-pregnant state, though perhaps with just a little bit of a war-weary look about it.
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You might find from around now that it becomes harder to get comfy in bed and you wake a lot during the night as a result. Some women find a pregnancy pillow helps, as it goes between your knees, easing hip pain, and supports your bump so that you aren’t rolling too far one way or the other. It might also come in handy if you’re going to breastfeed, for helping to prop the baby in the right position (or just resting your magazine on during a feed). 
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