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Week 20
Your baby in week 20
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Congratulations- you’re at the halfway mark! This is a big week, so before you do anything else, sit back and pat yourself on the back for a job well done thus far. 

Until this point, any measurements taken of your baby will have been from crown to rump but from now on they will do them from head to heel. This week he is around 16.5cm crown to rump or 26cm long from head to heel, which is how far the London Eye travels every second! 

Your baby is still a bit see-through, but their skin is starting to thicken and develop layers: the outer layer is called the dermis, there's an inner epidermis and a subcutaneous layer, which is mostly fat.

He’s turning somersaults and generally having a whale of a time and if you aren’t already, soon you’ll start to feel those movements. And you may well be having your anomaly scan this week - another chance to take a look at what's going on in there.
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I dreamt that I went to my 20-week scan, and the doctor congratulated me on the size of my baby's trunk and ears. He kept on about how great they were then showed the picture and I was carrying an elephant.
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