Pregnancy App Article: "Planning ahead: Time out"

Week 19
Take some time out
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Make the most of feeling much better than you have done (and will do in a few short weeks!) and get out with your partner or friends to the cinema, theatre or a posh restaurant - anywhere you won’t be able to go with a buggy - and enjoy your freedom while it lasts. 

Here are a few suggestions from Mumsnetters of things you should make time for now:
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Go to the cinema a lot! It's the kind of outing that doesn't seem worth organising a babysitter for, so you may not go again for years.
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Things you will miss are doing things on a whim, just getting up and walking out the door without completing a military operation first. Get up on a Saturday and have a leisurely morning (you will miss those, too!) and then decide to do something and just go!
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Quote 3
Spend a long, lazy morning/afternoon/day in a coffee shop or cosy pub with you husband and lots of weekend papers.
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Quote 4
Order a shit load of ice cream online, and sit in bed watching box sets, eating it.
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Don't forget lie-ins. They will not exist once you have children.
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