Pregnancy App Article: "Your body in week 19"

Week 19
Your body in week 19
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Welcome to Twin Peaks! Your breasts are starting to get ready for breastfeeding and you may notice a rather sudden increase in size around now. The size they are has no bearing on how much milk you’ll produce, however, so don’t make any plans to take over United Dairies just yet.

Now might be a good time to get yourself measured again and check you don’t need to be wearing a larger maternity bra. Pregnant women are usually advised to avoid underwiring in bras but as long as the wires aren’t digging in anywhere and your bra fits well and is supportive, you should be fine.
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My husband just told me I've got 'massive boobs' that are as 'big as your head'. Thanks pregnancy!
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I definitely have a bump now. Now that it's more obviously bump than fat, I'm embracing the bump hugging clothes.
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