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Week 18
Your bump
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You may be finding by now that you feel a little less enthusiastic about this whole bump malarkey than you were the moment the second blue line appeared. 

Mumsnetters discuss the moment reality kicked in and they realised pregnancy wasn’t nine months of serenely rubbing their tummy and planning nursery colour schemes…
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I spent the first 12 weeks wanting to tell everyone and the remaining 28 weeks being pissed off at the fact that people only want to ask about the baby/pregnancy.
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I'm fed up of looking like crap when I am supposed to be radiant and blooming and all people seem to say to me these days is how tired I look.
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I used to love everyone looking at my bump and realising I'm pregnant but now when people stare at it, I get quite annoyed and wish I could say, 'yes, I'm effing pregnant!'
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