Pregnancy App Article: "Your baby in week 18"

Week 18
Your baby in week 18
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Week 18 and your growing baby is now weighing in at 190g - the same as a tube of Pringles. 

His lungs are developing and growing air sacs and he will already be swallowing and breathing in small amounts of amniotic fluid, which will occasionally give him hiccups, too, a strange sensation when you first encounter it!

By now your baby already has all his baby and adult tooth buds, just waiting in the wings to start popping through in the months after birth. Talk about a big mouthful.

If this is your first baby you may start to feel movements over the next couple of weeks. He’ll have quiet times and more active times during the day so you’ll tend to feel movements coming in fits and starts rather than continuously. The feelings start off as very gentle flutters or a sensation similar to bubbles popping and will become more and more defined over the coming weeks - until you’re getting full-on Wayne Rooney style kicks to the bladder.
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You start off desperate to reach the stage where you can feel baby kick and by the latter stages when your bladder is being kicked what feels like 24/7 and you can't sleep, you just want them to sleep for a while to give you a break. And I can attest to it being twice as bad with two breech babies kicking your bladder all the time!
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