Pregnancy App Article: "Planning ahead: Meconium"

Week 17
Your baby's first bowel movement
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You’ll no doubt be thrilled to learn that your baby has also managed to get together her first bowel movement by some time around the start of the second trimester. 

Meconium, as this is called, is made up of amniotic fluid and bits of old cells and other debris from the lining of the bowels. It is green, black and tarry. It is incredibly sticky and difficult to get off so it’s worth remembering, as you lovingly cuddle your newborn baby, to get a nappy on her as soon as possible. 

It isn’t normally expelled until your baby is out in the big world. It lasts for a few days and will make you want to hug the person who invented baby wipes.
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Olive oil is very good for shifting stubborn meconium, it somehow unsticks it from the skin without rubbing. 
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Vaseline on the clean bottom means the next meconium poo comes off so much more easily. I so wish I'd known that for my first born - and so glad I did for my second.
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Meconium is so hard to clean. Use a bit of cotton wool and warm water, wipe, discard. You'll use loads! Don't worry, it gets easier, you won't need shares in cotton wool long term.
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