Pregnancy App Article: "What to expect: Sex"

Week 17
Sex during pregnancy
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Sickness, achiness and tiredness make it hard for many women to get enthusiastic about sex during pregnancy. Rest assured, this feeling will pass and you will blossom into a yummy mummy; albeit a knackered, short-tempered one.

While some women completely lose their appetite, others find their sex drive rockets, particularly in the second trimester:
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My sex drive has completely plummeted. In the first few months, I felt so knackered and, as I get bigger, the thought is becoming less appealing.
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It’s like the chemicals in my brain that normally think, 'Husband, you look a bit sexy, a bit of rudery would be nice,' just aren’t being produced and I feel like a dried-up, shrivelled old hag.
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I was rampant from the minute I became pregnant and carried on being so throughout the pregnancy. Poor bloke had to ask for a rest.
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I didn’t feel unsexy and even my husband said it was a different kind of sexy as I was no longer worried about fat bits – I was all bump – so my skin was tighter.
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You might find that your usual positions are not suited to your new pregnancy shape or you might not want your pendulous belly swinging between you like a wrecking ball. Spoons is a popular choice of sex position for pregnant Mumsnetters.

One curious thing about sex when pregnant is that the contractions following an orgasm can go on long after you have finished having sex. Experiencing this can be disconcerting when you are lying next to your snoring partner, but it won’t put your pregnancy in jeopardy unless your doctor has advised you otherwise. Some pregnant women find that orgasms are uncomfortable or hurt. If you feel this way, it’s probably a good idea to tell your other half to slow down tiger.
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