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Week 17
Body and mind
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There is something about pregnancy that turns your brain to mush. Not only does your growing baby leech your body’s stores of nutrients and vitamins, but it also apparently eats up most of your undergraduate education as well.

This prenatal idiocy is sometimes referred to as ‘placenta brain’ or ‘pregnancy amnesia’. Forgetfulness, clumsiness, indecisiveness and a lack of concentration are all part of the package: you hang up your brain with your skinny jeans and you don’t get it back for at least another five years.

Part of the reason could be that during pregnancy women tend to have a lot on their plate (both literally and metaphorically). It’s distracting when you have so much to think about, plus you are probably not sleeping well, which can also make you fuzzy headed.
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Something mysterious happens to your brain capacity from very early on. The intellect you once relied on vanishes entirely...
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Every time I am pregnant this happens and it is a bit of a joke among my family and friends, especially since I am normally so organised.
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Pregnancy hormonal changes can put you in a spin, in much the same way that they do in the run-up to your period. And don’t tell anyone, but studies have also found that women’s brains shrink during pregnancy – not significantly, but enough for you to shave one armpit and not the other without noticing. 

It could take up to six months from when you give birth for your brain to regain its normal size, once your body has returned to its non-pregnant state. (OK, the latter won’t actually happen, but your hormones will eventually settle down again.)
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