Pregnancy App Article: "Your baby in week 17"

Week 17
Your baby in week 17
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Welcome to week 17. You should be feeling much more energetic around now. It’s a great time to take a holiday or just take a bit of time off work and get some serious baby prep done before you get too big and too tired.

Your baby weighs 140g this week - the same as a small tin of Green Giant sweetcorn (minus the tin). She’s getting chunkier for sure but would still fit into the palm of your hand currently.

She is laying down brown fat this week and and a thin layer of vernix is developing all over her body. Vernix is a white, greasy substance that protects skin from the amniotic fluid until birth. If that sounds not particularly attractive, focus on the end result - a lovely plump newborn with baby soft skin.

This week, her eyes begin to respond to light and once you are feeling movements, you may notice her move around more than usual when in bright light. You can even try shining a torch onto your bump and, as your baby gets bigger, you might sometimes feel a tiny foot or hand pushing out towards the light. Beautiful, but slightly spooky at the same time.
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Baby was having a good old kick about on the train this morning, which was lovely. Just like my first daughter - she was always a wriggler when I was on a train.
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