Pregnancy App Article: "Planning ahead: Health and safety"

Week 16
Planning ahead
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Health and safety at work
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Make sure that any health and safety assessments regarding your pregnancy at work have been done. 

Hopefully, if you’re in an active job where there might be risks to you or the baby, your employer will have ensured all this was looked into weeks ago, but even if you are at a desk all day it’s a good idea to check that your posture is good, your chair is comfortable and that any modifications have been made.
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I have tried to improve my posture and sit straight back in my chair but then my bump hits the desk!
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I have sciatica and most days I'm in agony. I've been carrying on going into work, but by the end of the day the pain is excruciating and I find it really hard to walk/drive home.
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I took regular breaks to ease my back and my office also had a small 'first aid' office with a medical bed where I'd go to lie flat and ease my back half way through the day.
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Ask work if they can raise your desk (eg with wooden blocks) so your chair/bump fit comfortably under it. You need to be comfortable.
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Quote 5 - Author
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