Pregnancy App Article: "What's going on in there?"

Week 16
Feeling your baby move
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First flutters
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‘Have you felt it move yet?’ is one of those bog-standard questions that can get very boring. But feeling that first flutter really is nothing short of thrilling. 

Amazing. There actually is something in there! 

You may feel slightly freaked out, especially if you were a big fan of the Alien movies in the eighties, but rest assured that you will get used to the daily flutterings and bubblings, and will soon come to love them.
First-time mums probably won’t feel movement until around 20 weeks on, mainly because it’s tricky to know what you’re meant to be feeling. Is that a baby inside me? Or do I just have really bad wind? 

Some women start to feel movement from 14 weeks, but everyone is different. Second and subsequent babies are often felt at around weeks 16 to 18.
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As this is my first baby, I know it's sometimes harder to distinguish between 'fluttering' and 'digestive pops'. I'm unsure if I've felt the baby, it was in my abdomen, and slightly different to that 'wind' feeling I normally have!
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It feels like a twitch at the very early stages, like when you get a twitch in your eye, or like a little bubble popping.
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It wasn't until 19 weeks that I could say for sure it was definitely baby and not digestive rumblings.
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17 weeks on the dot, I was in the bath and saw it too! Quite irregular for 2-3 weeks then lots of movement from then on.
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There was no way it was gas, it felt like I had swallowed a gold fish and it was flip flopping about inside! Was a wonderful moment.
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