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Week 16
You're not alone
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Finding you just can’t get enough of a certain food… or a strange item you never before considered putting anywhere near your mouth?

One theory is that certain cravings may be meaningful. So, if you are craving meat, for example, it may mean that your body needs protein. This provides you with a handy justification to explain yourself to any bystanders with the virtuous claim, ‘Clearly the baby needs a Müller Corner/White Chocolate Magnum.’

This approach does not really work, however, if you have the urge to gnaw off bits of a bicycle tyre. Pica can affect pregnant women, making them crave non-food substances such as soil, paper, toothpaste or, brace yourself, poo. But fear not. If you know your craving is for something you really shouldn’t be eating, a good sniff often does the trick, too.
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With me, it’s synthetic bath sponges. I tear them into bits, then chew them. My husband refused to believe that this was a proper craving during my first pregnancy, but this time round he just buys them without comment.
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I remember making excuses to go to the stationery cupboard at work when I was pregnant, as I loved sniffing the rubber bands.
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I used to get the hump with my son if he forgot to bring his PE bag home from school every night because I wanted to sniff his plimsolls.
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Well. Each to their own.
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