Pregnancy App Article: "What's new? Waterworks"

Week 15
You're not alone
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Bit weepy? You’re not alone… Here are a few more ‘tragic events’ that brought on the waterworks for hormonal Mumsnetters during pregnancy:
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My husband gave me my dinner which included a lot of peas and I cried because I just love peas.
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I sobbed when I found the box of tissues in our living room. Simply because I was overwhelmed at how lucky I was to have tissues.
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Quote 3
I cried because I lost a card game. Then I won and felt guilty about being unreasonable and was once again overwhelmed.
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Quote 4
I cried because I sniffed my husband's White Russian cocktail and it was the most amazing smell ever - and I couldn't have any of it. Actual tears.
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I cried because the supermarket was out of fish pie. I cried again when I had to tell my husband about it. I cried again two weeks later when he happened to mention it in passing.
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