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If you’re missing your morning caffeine fix, here are some other pregnancy-friendly ways you can re-energise to try:

1. If you have 20 minutes, go for a walk. Contrary to what your body is telling you, a bit of light exercise will get your blood moving and make you feel less tired, not more.

2. If you’ve only got 15 minutes, take a power nap. Pregnancy is the one time you’ll get away with it, even at work, so make the most of it. Sleep experts believe 15 minutes to be the ideal length for a power nap; much more and you’ll feel groggy when you wake, any less and it isn’t worthwhile. Get under your desk, set an alarm and embrace the Zs, if only briefly.

3. If a nap or a walk isn’t an option, spend five minutes doing a few desk exercises. Stretch your arms up above your head and out to the sides, then stretch your legs out under your desk and do a few ankle rotations. Finally, rub the palms of your hands together for a few seconds and then place the base of your palms over your eyes. It’s a Chinese holistic health remedy. We don’t know why it works, but it definitely makes you feel less sleepy.

4. For a more immediate pick-me-up, have a slow-release snack. A handful of nuts and seeds is good, or a banana - and a really cold drink.

5. And lastly, if nothing else will do, sugar might not be good for you but it’s still a miracle-worker in a tight spot. Don’t overdo the biscuits now you know the comfort of maternity jeans is just around the corner, but for a fast burst of energy, let’s face it, cake is a solution we can all fall back on now and again. Or perhaps you’ll find room for that Yorkie bar.

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Things I found helped were: muesli in the morning; exercise after breakfast, even when you're feeling very tired - just a short walk to the park or something; a short sleep at lunchtime (or whenever you can) but only around 40 minutes.
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I recommend eating lots of fruit and slow-releasing carbohydrates like pasta and rice. Chocolate is good for energy but the effect doesn't last long. 
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