Pregnancy App Article: "Your baby in week 15"

Week 15
Your baby in week 15
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Welcome to week 15. Your baby weighs around 70g this week (2.5oz in old money) - that’s the weight of a Yorkie bar, back when they were a Proper Size (not that we’re still bitter). She’s 10cm from crown to rump at this stage, about the size of a coffee mug. 

Your baby is virtually Instagram-ready by now. The cheek bones are starting to develop this week, though they’re not yet giving Katharine Hepburn’s a run for their money. The bones in her ear are also hardening now, which will enable her to hear very soon. 

Her legs are now longer than her arms, too, so she’s losing that Planet of the Apes gait and looking a bit more like the baby you’ll meet in just under six months’ time.

She may not have much hair just yet but already, pigment is developing in the hair follicles, so the colour of hair she’ll have at birth is decided. It is a truth universally acknowledged that at some point during labour, the midwife in attendance will shout encouraging things at you about whichever colour of hair can be seen emerging. We’re not sure why either, but we’re certain it must be empowering in some way. Something to look forward to.
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I think I can tell that the baby is awake. Like they're trying to poke and tickle me from the inside. With this being my first I wasn't expecting anything yet.
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In the next few days your baby will begin to be able to hear, and will find it’s actually pretty noisy in the womb. She will be avidly listening to the gurgling and whooshing of your digestive system and can also hear your heart beating. Loud noises such as car alarms will be easily heard and if you’re at the cinema or a gig, she’ll be able to hear that quite clearly, too. 

The clearest sound she will be aware of, however, is your voice. Fortunately there’s no evidence that babies can learn language in utero so you can carry on swearing for a few months yet.
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