Pregnancy App Article: "Your baby in week 13"

Week 13
Your baby in week 13
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You’ve made it to trimester two! Although you won’t be able to see it on the scan, your baby would take a mean selfie right now. She can stick out her tongue, open and shut her mouth and her hair pattern is already established. 

Her body is also growing quickly now, and starting to catch up with her head. This week she weighs 23g - the same as a packet of jelly.
She’s moving about a lot, bouncing and turning somersaults but you won’t be able to feel those movements for a few weeks yet. 

Your baby’s heart is beating - twice as fast as yours - and you’ll be able to hear it clearly on a doppler at some of your midwife appointments. It usually sounds like either a galloping horse or a train. Theories abound over which one indicates a boy and which a girl but in truth, there’s only one way to tell for sure, and that’s your anomaly scan in a few weeks time (and even that’s not ALWAYS reliable). 

She also already has her own unique fingerprint now - something which, for some reason, makes her seem that little bit more like a real person in the making. Maybe it’s because you can look forward to a day when you’ll be wiping those sticky fingerprints off every window and shiny surface in the house.
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I was told that if the heartbeat sounded like a train, which mine did, then it's a girl. My son is definitely a boy!
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