Pregnancy App Article: "What to expect from pregnancy"

Week 12
Things you wish you'd known
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Mumsnetters share the weird things about pregnancy that you'll wish you’d known before now (and a few joys you have yet to come!)
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Hair all over that won’t stop growing, I have to do my legs and underarms every week, otherwise I look like a werewolf.
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Aches in the ribs. Felt like I'd be hit by a truck one day and then gone the next. Weird.
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Quote 3
That I would have an insatiable appetite for sex but that my husband would smell so bad to me!
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Quote 4
A popping sound coming from the bump, later in pregnancy. I wasn't imagining it, my husband heard it too! (Bubbles popping in the amniotic fluid apparently - who knew?)
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That I would snore myself awake.
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