Pregnancy App Article: "Your baby in week 12"

Week 12
Your baby in week 12
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Get out the bunting - you've officially reached the end of your first trimester, and if you have a dating scan this week you'll be seeing your baby for the very first time!

They're about the size of a Bourbon biscuit now, having been smaller than the tiniest biscuit crumb just a few short weeks ago. No wonder you feel exhausted!
All the main ‘components’ of a human being are now there - the next two trimesters will be mostly about growing bigger and stronger. Your baby’s chest muscles are already strong enough for him to practise breathing. His head is still large and out of proportion in comparison to his body, but he has grown a neck now. Something to celebrate.

This is a landmark week, with scans and milestones aplenty, so take a moment to sit back and congratulate yourself and your baby. Bring on trimester two. 
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I have just seen a tiny heartbeat in a tiny baby at my scan. I am pregnant - I can't believe it!
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I actually said to the sonographer that I hadn't believed anything was in there and she said, 'Well there is! You'll believe it when you start getting kicked day and night!'
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Celebrate the end of the first trimester
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