Pregnancy App Article: "Planning ahead: Antenatal classes"

Week 11
Antenatal classes
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Now's the time to book your antenatal classes, or at least start looking around. In some areas they get booked up incredibly quickly. 

The NHS offers free classes, but you might also want to do an NCT (National Childbirth Trust) course or another class to help prepare you for birth and meet some new ‘mum’ friends.
If you’re already dying to compare notes about symptoms and nursery scheme Pinterest boards, you could also sign up to the Antenatal Club thread for your due date month on the Mumsnet Talk boards.

Whether you want to learn all there is to know about birth and the early weeks, or are simply looking upon antenatal classes as a slightly pricey introductions agency, so you can have a readymade gang of friends while on mat leave, you’ll find a class to suit you.
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The best thing about antenatal classes is the chance to meet other local mums who will give birth at about the same time as you. You'll meet them again at baby groups and the doctor's surgery, and it's nice to have some moral support and adult company once your baby is here.
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