Pregnancy App Article: "What to expect: Weight gain"

Week 11
Weight gain
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Stepping on the bathroom scales takes on a whole new significance when you become pregnant. What if you break them? How are you supposed to view the digits through your blur of tears? And why is your maternity bra full of pastry crumbs? 

It is inevitable that you are going to pile on the pounds, and, at some point, you will be busting out of your jeans, and possibly even getting wedged behind the car steering wheel. 

But what you eat – and how much – is no longer just about having a pert bottom and Rosemary Conley’s thighs. You have your baby’s wellbeing to think about, and, on top of that, you have the equivalent of a marathon ahead of you. Pregnancy requires stamina, and a healthy and varied diet is an obvious step in the right direction. Point made, now pass the chocolate Hobnobs. 

Some books will tell you that pregnant women gain on average between 10 and 12.5 kilograms (or 1.5 and 2 stone); this is over the course of the entire pregnancy, by the way, not just during the first month. Your pre-pregnancy size can also be a factor in how you gain weight. If you were overweight before conception, you might actually drop pounds, at least in the early stages.
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Judging by my jeans, a lot of the weight is in my thighs!
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Remember that any fat stores you are laying down are a resource for your baby. For this short period of our lives this trumps our own body image concerns and the often-unreasonable media/social pressure to look a certain way.
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