Pregnancy App Article: "Planning ahead: CVS"

Week 10
Planning ahead
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If you’re at an increased risk of having a baby with genetic abnormalities for any reason, you may be offered CVS (chorionic villus sampling) at this stage. 

CVS can detect genetic disorders such as Down’s Syndrome, Muscular Dystrophy and inherited blood disorders, and can be carried out earlier than amniocentesis. It is slightly more risky than amniocentesis but often used as it can give results earlier.

If you have CVS, a tiny needle will be inserted through the abdomen or cervix to take a small sample of cells from the placenta. 

Remember - you're under no obligation to have antenatal tests.
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I had a CVS with my daughter after a 1:12 risk for Downs (I was 40). Got the preliminary results two days later and the full set two weeks after. My results were, thankfully, clear.
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