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Week 10
Exercise during pregnancy
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It’s worth trying to get a gentle pregnancy exercise routine going around now so it’s useful to know what you’re not allowed to do before you get a regime established.

What to avoid when you're exercising during pregnancy
  • Rapid twisting and jumping movements.
  • Contact sports, or anything where you might get hit. So no judo, boxing, squash or anything like that.
  • Don't do any exercises lying on your back after about 16 weeks. The weight of your baby can put pressure on your blood vessels and make you faint.
  • Don't ry to push your joints to the limit. Pregnancy hormones make them a bit floppy, so best not to test them too much.
  • Running is fine early in pregnancy but may need to be modified as you get bigger. It is important not to overdo it.
  • Try not to do exercises where there's a high risk of falling, such as cycling, horse riding or ice skating.
  • Avoid the step machine in the gym and modify your gym routine as you progress through your pregnancy.
  • Don't go scuba diving or mountain climbing above 2,500m because of the risk of altitude sickness. 
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Don't exercise on an empty stomach or when tired, drink plenty of fluids and listen to your body.
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