Pregnancy App Article: "What to expect: Boobs"

Week 10
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Tender breasts
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Polite pregnancy manuals will tell you to expect ‘tender breasts’ around now as hormone levels really peak. What they may not mention is that your norks will apparently become concrete overnight and you’ll find yourself wincing as you remove your bra in the evening.

Lots of women sleep in a sports bra because having their breasts roaming free during the night is just too painful. The nipples can be very sore so drying them after a shower can be tricky - perhaps invest in a fan for this stage - and some say anything touching them can feel like rolling naked on broken glass. 

So much for all the stories about how ‘alluring’ your partner will find your pregnant body. There’s not much alluring about being snarled at by a semi-naked woman clutching ice packs to her chest. 

For some temporary relief, a soak in a warm bath may help and try and keep your breasts supported as much as possible by wearing a sleep bra in bed.
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Mine felt bruised and heavy during the first 'growth' (before I knew I was pregnant) and my nipples became quite sensitive but as soon as I realised I'd grown a size that really sealed pregnancy for me! After a while they just got PAINFUL.
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God it’s like walking round with two bags of cement stuck on your chest. My husband says it’s great but they don't even look that nice!
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