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Week 10
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Pregnancy hormones continue to rage and one of the effects of this may be that you feel more headachy than usual. That’s enough to make you feel miserable, without having to think twice before opening your medicine cabinet. Nevertheless, you should avoid aspirin – which has been linked to miscarriage and neonatal heart defect – unless prescribed by your GP for a particular medical condition. Paracetamol are out for the first trimester, but you can try gentle exercise, drinking plenty and not waiting until you’re starving hungry before you eat. 

Your ligaments are soft and your spine is curving to accommodate a growing baby, so sitting and standing properly will help to stave off other aches and pains. 
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I had headaches in my last pregnancy and they stopped when I got some iron tablets.
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Oh yes, and find time for some quiet rest – you haven’t heard that one before, have you?

Some Mumsnetters swear by osteopathy or acupuncture for recurrent headaches that no amount of brisk walks or even paracetamol (later in pregnancy) will shift. As always, make sure you use an experienced and registered practitioner. Some may prefer to wait until you are out of your first trimester before giving you treatment.

And do tell your doctor immediately if you are experiencing what feels like a migraine (unusually throbbing pain, with sensitivity to light, sound and movement, visual disturbances and possibly a feeling that your head is actually going to break in two) as this can be a sign of more serious issues.
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