Pregnancy App Article: "Your baby in week 10"

Week 10
Your baby in week 10
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Unlike you, your baby is the life and soul of the party this week! His brain is forming a quarter of a million new cells every minute. 

His eyes may still be wide apart and ears low down but he’s already developing the facial muscles he needs to suck, as well as tiny teeth buds, that will remain waiting in the gums for some time. He weighs around 4g this week and is 3.1cm from crown to rump - about the size of a Mini Cheddar. 

On the subject of snacks, his digestive organs are already making headway. This week the stomach becomes connected to the tongue, which already has tastebuds. See? Even foetuses have strong priorities where food is concerned. 

He also develops some amazing details such as fingernails this week.
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I wish they had a little 'loading' screen on the front so you could see how things were going.
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I don't worry about the occasional cramping as the midwife said it’s totally normal, especially with your first, as your womb is stretching and growing, plus the baby is very active at this stage doing somersaults and all sorts!
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