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Week 10
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What's happening to me?
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By week 10, you’re probably feeling ‘properly pregnant’. If that translates to ‘rough as dogs’ guts’, embrace it and get naps whenever you can. A quick forty winks in the early evening should help - but set an alarm or you’ll likely wake at quarter to midnight, face down in the sofa with your shoes and coat still on.

Try to use weekends to catch up on sleep a bit, and take it easy. Empty the diary somewhat if you can. 

If you’ve decided not to tell anyone else until after your scan, you’ve only got a couple of weeks until you can go public - but in the meantime, if it’s tricky to hide the fact that you aren’t drinking and are exhausted anyway, the simplest solution might be a couple of rain checks. 
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I spent most of my pregnancy half-woman-half-couch. I found the trick was to succumb when you can, then you don’t fall asleep standing up, as I did a few times.
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