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Telling people you're pregnant
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Deciding when to let folks know you're pregnant will be one of the first decisions you make as a parent. 

Some couples enjoy keeping it a secret, maximising that brief honeymoon period before going public. Others are straight on the blower before the pee is even dry on the pregnancy test, spreading the lovely news (and booking in potential babysitters).

Many mums-to-be hold back a pregnancy announcement till the end of the first trimester, concerned they might miscarry. Keeping it to yourself gives you thinking space, whatever the outcome. On the other hand, some people want to make sure that support is available if things do go wrong. Have a think, and do whatever feels right for you.
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I was so excited that I was pregnant, and I knew my friends and family would be too, but I didn’t want to get their hopes up in case anything went wrong.
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My work colleagues were thoroughly fed up with the number of office pregnancies, so I baked them a cake to soften the blow.
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Keeping it a secret during the sicky, tired stage actually helped me to cope with those symptoms. I still ate lots of Hula Hoops though, so anyone who was in the know would have clicked.
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Keeping up the ‘What, me - pregnant?’ façade calls for a gargantuan effort, especially at work. Morning sickness is hard to disguise, and the subconscious urge to stroke your slightly rounded belly (a dead giveaway) can be hard to resist. 

The first few weeks of pregnancy can be surprisingly lonely when all you want to do is tell someone. You’re desperate to explain why it is you keep running off to the loo and falling asleep at your keyboard. Then again, pretending you aren’t pregnant may help you stay sane during those early months.

Whatever your decision - to tell or not to tell - chances are that your best-laid plans will be scuppered by some eagle-eyed loved one. Cutting your alcohol intake, looking green, or unusually busty, and generally acting weird: all signs which people who know you well will pounce upon immediately.

If you decide to tell a select few and swear them to secrecy, you'll need to be certain they won't blab. On the other hand, if you feel self conscious making a big announcement to the masses, it might be easier for other people to share the juicy gossip on your behalf. 

Alternatively, take a modern approach and just change your Facebook status to ‘Up the duff'.
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