Pregnancy App Article: "Swollen ankles, feet and fingers"

Week 21
Swollen ankles, feet and fingers
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Grab some slippers and put your feet up
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In medical-speak it's oedema, but we call it swelling, and it's one of the aesthetically challenging (and uncomfortable) aspects of pregnancy.

It happens because your body retains more fluid than usual in pregnancy, and the fluid 'pools', particularly if you've been standing a lot or if it's hot weather. It's a decent excuse for getting someone else to do the running around, if ever we heard one.

How to ease swollen feet and ankles
  • Don't force your feet into your pre-pregnancy shoes if they're feeling too tight - comfy shoes are the order of the day
  • When you get a chance to sit down, try to raise your feet on cushions or pillows
  • Don't sit with your feet or legs crossed
  • Rotate your feet clockwise and anti-clockwise regularly
  • Exercise - swimming and walking will both help
  • Avoid salty foods and make sure you drink plenty of fluids
When swelling can be serious
If you get sudden swelling in your face, hands or feet, you should contact your GP or midwife because it can be one of the symptoms of pre-eclampsia, a pregnancy-related condition that can be harmful for you and your baby.
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My ankles were like stress balls - you could nearly get your whole finger in them.
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