Pregnancy App Article: "Special needs birth"

Week 36
Special needs birth
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If your baby has been diagnosed with a medical or health condition, then your birth is likely to be managed more closely than it would be otherwise.

Your consultant should inform you exactly what will happen well in advance. Depending on the situation, you may be advised to have a c-section instead of a vaginal birth.

Before the birth
Knowing about any problems antenatally means your hospital will be well prepared for your baby's birth. If possible, ask to visit the hospital and familiarise yourself with the neonatal unit, or wherever you are advised that your baby may have to stay for a while. 

Discuss with the staff what treatment may be required, and convey your feelings about feeding your baby. Ask them how your wishes will be carried out.

On the one hand, when your baby is born you will be better able to discover what medical care he or she may need. On the other, it can be hard to let go of the 'control' that you currently have, keeping your baby safe and warm inside you. But giving birth means that your baby will start receiving the best care.
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When my son was born, the immediate rush was to find out whether he had a unilateral or bilateral cleft lip and palate - not the normal counting fingers and toes that we all dream of!
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Now she was out we could determine the exact effect her heart defect would have on her and more definite courses of action and support could be organised and provided. 
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