Pregnancy App Article: "Baffling reactions to pregnancy announcements"

Baffling reactions to pregnancy announcements
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There are certain things you may expect to hear from your nearest and dearest when you announce you're having a baby. And some things you definitely DON'T expect...

"45 years ago we were telling my dad that I was pregnant. We were due to be married six weeks later and weren't sure how Dad would take it. My fiance kept trying to say the words 'we are pregnant' but used so many euphemisms about 'surprises', 'additions', and 'news rather sooner than you might have hoped' that my very blunt Northern dad finally said, 'You've got her up t' duff lad. Get the bloody sherry out!'"

My mum: "My goodness! Who's the father?" 
Me: "Well, you know that chap I've been with for 15 years and married 5 years ago?"

"When we told our eldest son, aged 12 at the time, that we were expecting baby number four the following July, he replied, 'God, it's just mating season in this house.' All four of my children are summer babies."

"When I told my partner I was pregnant we were pretty shocked! Once we got over the shock we, um, did the deed... Afterwards, he stood up, posed like a bodybuilder and pronounced 'I'm a man'. He was 42!"
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The best response when I announced I was pregnant was 'With a baby?' No, no. I'm pregnant with some cheese.
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My mother, when we announced baby number two was on the way, said: 'Oh dear, I do hope we're not going to make this an annual event!'
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My boss (incredulously): 'What, you?' 
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My husband: 'I'm glad we bought a dishwasher.'
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"My cousin announced she was pregnant the night before her wedding. Our rather traditional aunt managed all in one sentence: 'Congratulations, that's wonderful! Your poor mother!'"

"A colleague of mine got 'Was it planned?' and such is the joy of open-plan offices that I heard her answer: 'No, we were trying a new brand of condom and I've put a bad review on Amazon. Or it might have been my husband's fingernails, I warned him to cut them. Now sod off.'"

"My lecturers, when I told them I was pregnant unexpectedly at the start of my second year: 'Oh thank goodness, we thought you were going to say you were transferring to a different course!'  Their reaction was the best and they totally supported me the whole way through." 

"My beloved nan, in her nineties (I was in my late twenties and engaged to be married) said, 'oh you naughty, naughty, naughty girl!' Followed by a big cuddle."

"Our son, upon being told he was getting a little brother: 'I wanted a digger.'"
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