Pregnancy App Article: "What to do before baby arrives"

Week 38
Things to do while you're waiting for baby to arrive
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Can't sit still (or get comfortable)? Want to take your mind off the impending birth but also feeling the need to prepare like you've never prepared before? 

The final days of pregnancy call for some self-indulgence. Make the most of only having to think about yourself -  it'll be a rare occurrence once your baby arrives. 

Mumsnetters' suggestions for passing the time:

"Enjoy carrying a small bag with just your purse, phone and keys with you. Next time it will be an oversized nappy bag."

"Order a shit-load of ice cream online, and sit in bed watching box sets, eating it."

 "Swimming! It eases the back pain. Follow with a large slice of cake."

"Borrow someone else's kid and learn how to burp them. It's a fine art."

"Get your house clean if you can - you won't be doing any cleaning once the baby is here."

 "Make a huge batch of chocolate cookies and freeze them. Don't tell anyone they're there - they're all for you."

"Have long relaxing baths (they will be punctuated by 'waaaaaa' the minute you step foot in one for at least the next six months)."

"Stock up on bananas, drinks and Netflix box sets for when junior has a growth spurt and you're on the sofa for a week feeding round the clock."

 "Get loads of fancy ready-meals (or batch-cook, if you're feeling energetic) and pop them in the freezer."

"Practise saying: 'The kitchen's over there, mine's milk no sugar', for when guests come over."

"Get your hair and nails done, if you like doing that sort of thing."

 "Take unwanted clothes/items to a charity shop; it's amazing how cluttered the house gets once PFB arrives."

"Go to the cinema. It is difficult and expensive once there's a child to work around. Take chocolate with you."

"Get a newspaper or a magazine and read from cover to cover."

 "If you have old friends you haven't spoken to in a while, make those long phone calls catching up with them now."

"Go out for dinner after 7pm. Get up later than 7am."
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Sit back, relax, go out for lunch and chill as much as possible. Life's about to change forever.
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