Pregnancy App Article: "Early signs of labour"

Early signs of labour
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Like actual childbirth, the early signs of labour involve varying degrees of pain, expulsion of bodily fluids and strong emotions (such fun).

Unlike actual childbirth, the early signs can involve deciding to repaint your skirting boards and iron your towels (bear with).

Here are some of the most common signs that baby is on its way, as experienced by Mumsnetters.

Backache - can be dull or stabbing pains
Upset stomach - or, alternatively, feeling like you're constipated
Mood swings - PBS (pre-birth syndrome), perhaps?
Nesting instinct - a sudden inclination to clean and organise things (see skirting boards and towels...)
Burst of energy -  adrenaline, nerves and excitement giving you a boost
A show - a sort of small, slimy bit of discharge. Lovely!
Your waters breaking - sometimes quite suddenly. It could literally happen AT ANY TIME!
Contractions - the real thing. We're in business, baby.
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Quote 1
I thought I was constipated and sat on the loo for ages trying to poo. Suddenly realised it was the baby's head!
Author 1
Quote 2
An irresistible urge to iron all the table napkins we own. Never done it before or since.
Quote 2 - Author
Quote 3
I was woken at 4.30am with stabbing pains in my lower back, it took a little while at first to work out what it was. I didn't realise - and nobody told me - you could get labour pains in your back.
Quote 3 - Author
Quote 4
First sign for me was 50 million gallons of water pouring out from me and ruining the mattress.
Quote 4 - Author
Quote 5
My DH confidently exclaimed, 'That's it, you've got your serious labour face now.' It really cheered me up and made me laugh that someone else could read my face so well. He was right; our son arrived about four hours later.
Quote 5 - Author
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We hope this helps you to decide if your baby is about to make his or her debut. But if you're in any doubt about the signs of labour, do consult your antenatal team or GP. No one will care if it turns out to be a false alarm (except you, of course).
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